26 Aug 2011

Meet Four Amazing Women And Their Fashion Related Buisness Starting Monday 29th Of August Here!

Hi Gals, how are you doing today? Some of you may know a woman who has been hugely inspirational in your life or even helped you achieve your goals, for me that someone who inspires me is Mary Portas which will be pretty evident to those of you who read my recent ravings on her latest project the launching of her new boutique at selfridges. She know how to transforn the face of fashion brands and reach out to woman in the process.

 In this tough climate where more and more women are turning to self employment to transform their lives, I wanted to share some really interesting buisness models in the  fashion industry with you over the coming week. All of which have one thing in common they are inspirational in their commitment to empower other women and families to prosper as well a selling great products.

 Apart from the featured interviews from jewellery company Stella & Dot, lifestyle brand Danqua, childrens wear brand Issossy and independent handbag company Preeti Designs  and finding out more about how each woman featured has helped create a sustainable buisness model that helps generate wealth and wellbeing for other women in the world, there will also be opportunity to discover how gorgeous their designs are by winning giveaways on offer. So please keep checking back to read the posts each day if you have a moment and let us know your thoughts on the buisness's featured. 

If you want to follow the series on the four featured women and their fashion buisesses here on My Passport to Style begining Monday 29th, here is the lineup for you - Leigh -Ann of global jewellery brand Stella & Dot, Amanda of unique childrens label Isossy, Nadia of global lifestyle and accessory brand Danaqa and Rosie of independent bag company Preeti Designs.   



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