16 Oct 2012

Beryls #Outfit Post #Belted Shawl Coat

I have been waiting for an opportunity to create a winter outfit using one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, this gorgeous lapis blue and emerald green mohair shawl.Apologise for using Beryl as my stand in yet again but she is so good at it, she stands very still, in fact she doesn't move a muscle, seriously though I'm waiting for a timer for my new camera once it arrives I should be able to be much more consistant with my outfit posts, so hope your ready to be inspired!
I love how the glossy fibres of this shawl pick up the light making this winters sludgy hues really pop and I'm pretty happy with this kooky outfit mix of highland lady and what I imagine a female Sherlock Holmes might wear! The bandstand belt give a longer leaner look but I like the traditional vintage feel that my gold acorn belt adds to this look. What do you think are belted shawls your thang? 


fashionable frolickers

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