31 Oct 2012

DIY | Cats Whiskers | Halloween Brooch

If like me you have not had time to whip up an outfit for your Halloween party tonight why not take the express route and make my easy kitch diy cat brooch and my glam treat pouch for all those bon bons you will collect on route to your friends party.

For The Cats Whiskers Brooch - You Will Need

1. An old gauze jewelry pouch in black.
2.An old pair of black knickers.
3.A vintage pair of earrings, mine were a kindly gifted to me by Jon Richard and are part of the Butterfly collection by Matthew Williamson.   
4. A giant safety pin.

To Make - 

1. First turn the gauze bag inside out and push your choice of earring through the fabric about half way up the bag using the backs to fasten them to the fabric, then turn the back right side round so the earring are on the outside.
2.Next roll up your pants and pop inside, fasten the bag with the draw strings, the corners of the bag become the cats ears, you can add a mouth, nose and whiskers if you wish, but I prefer my brooch slightly naive looking with a touch a humour. 
3.Attach your giant pin and your good to go!
Just in case the lovely people at Jon Richard decide this is a good way to market their earrings sets this Christmas, you saw it here first! If you want to use this brooch diy as a Christmas gift idea also and you have a few more black gauze bags lurking amongst your jewellery. You could always pop a black velvet alice band in the bag as the stuffing for your brooch which would make a nice little set with the earrings for a friend.   

For The Treat Pouch-

Use a glamours small bag with a rope chain handle, tuck the handle inside the bag and fasten the flap over a nice thin bright belt then fasten over your coat and start collecting treats! I used a rose gold square bag and a purple velvet vintage inspired belt for my treat pouch.


fashionable frolickers

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