20 Oct 2012

Miss Smarty Pants | Get Your #Bow On

Tis nearly the time for Christmas party season, I love any excuse to crack open my favourite coloured eye glitter, dust off my disco ball and crank up the music ready to practise my best dance moves. Usually when I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner for some reason! Have wok can dance should be my mantra.
Ever since I watched Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady I have always lusted after excessive plumage in my wardrobe,with giant bows of all kinds being top of my wish list.There is something feminine yet at the same time oh so slick about wearing a bow and as a fan of this classic accessory I could not resist devising my own Smarty Pants scale, to pin point the varying levels of cool sophistication that can be achieved depending on where or how a bow is positioned by the wearer. So here it is - 

  Smarty Pants Bow Guide

At number 1 is the mistress of the double bow, she is fearless in her pursuit of accessory bow perfection and no shrinking violet when it comes to wearing the bow, see the huge dramatic hair bow adorning her beehive and her tangerine shirt with a bow at the neck.In her eyes more is more! Her idol? The decadent Marie Antoinette.
At number 2 is the slinky subtle bow wearer, shrouded in a certain air of mystery this giant bow wearer, rather like the masked highway women that used to hold up the carriages of noble men and women in ye old times, likes to be exude a little chic, tempered by the trappings of being a free spirit. In this case the item is a soft grey wool rucksack tied with an airy black chiffon bow with tails that fly in the wind as the wearer zips through waiting traffic to her next party.   
At number 3 a little miss obvious, but who can resist the thrill of the gasp factor, this gals me to a T, the bigger and the plusher the bow the better, full of extravagant gestures from the colours she chooses to max her bow cred to how she walks when she wears it, halfway between a wiggle and a flutter, hey with a bow this big your halfway to being a butterfly it's pretty inevitable it will effect your swagger.Dita would be proud.
At number 4, our fourth bow wearer, likes getting her bow on slightly off centre on her best black party frock, very classy but understated, this bow wearer is a quiet intellectual with a fun sense of humour, great company at long boring dinner parties where you have to sit through five courses and using fingers is strictly forbidden. 
Will you be getting your bow on this Christmas and did you recognise which type of bow wearer you are in my Smart Pants Bow Guide?

  * images courtesy of pinterest


livlovelaugh said...

yes! bring back the bows!


PartyMixTape said...

You can't go wrong with a big bow! It's an unforgettable statement!


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