29 Oct 2012

Essential Accessories For Well Heeled Gothic Ladies


gold Prada sunglasses titanium frames -round black lenses

gun metal Prada sunglasses titanium frames -green lenses

As the dark nights start to draw in, I have been contemplating adding Gothic heroine to my costume/wardrobe wish list. I thought I might try and strip the look back, to just the key essentials  I need to pull this look together in a wearable way and leave myself with individual pieces that I can actually conceive myself wearing in the near future.

 The Goth catwalk this A/W12 was all about gaunt pale mask like make-up with a crimson mouth and no eye make-up what so ever, great for those with chiselled jaw lines, but not for me that relies heavily on the use of blusher and eye make up to define my bone structure, I thought the next best thing was enlisting the help of some oh so fabulous Prada sunglasses. Round frames have long been a favoured look amongst those recreating the Gothic look but these designer sunglasses have a touch of Steam Punk about them which I ADORE and at the same time have a regal feel that Prada is known for.The obvious choice is black, but I think by opting for gunmetal or gold my favourite coloured frames, I will add some necessary opulence to this look, also gold frames will help warm up my naturally pasty skin once winter kicks in and will work with the fresh pinks around next spring

The other key element to recreating this look convincingly is statement texture. So I'm going to make it a bit of a mission to find a fine black wool cape with plenty of embroidery, I may add a little further embellishment into my cape mix with the addition of some dark purple silk tassels from my local haberdashery store, I'm still thinking about that one, a black pleated skirt would work well also. I might be brave and add in some deep red long leather gloves. I have been promising myself a neat little Doctor bag for a while now and could kick myself for not picking up an authentic one I recently spotted at a charity shop but quite honestly I was scared it might fall to bits on me! I'm loving these Victorian style booties, with  flutterbyes running up the sides, both the cape and the boots would also do for the folklore look which I tend to put a spin on every year and particularly in winter. I love the idea of a black top hat, but I think it might detract from my Prada sunglasses and cost a pretty penny too, so instead I'm thinking of working a broad black velvet alice band and a large low bun in black spotted net.       

ornate black cape -shop bop
leather pleat skirt John Lewis
Gothic butterfly boot 

*Please note this post was kindly sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses but the words and ideas are my own, images sourced from Smart Buy Glasses, pinterest and the above named outlets.   


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