13 Oct 2012

#Lush Opening At #Lancaster

Great name, penny Lush!

Juice bike

Small but perfectly formed that's the city I live in, but it was definitely missing a little something until yesterday, and then ta da! That something arrived in the form of a newly opened Lush store, if you haven't ever stepped inside a Lush store before, prepare to have your senses assaulted in a good way,it's like a fairground and a delicious smelling cupcake shop in one! No matter how many times I walk into Lush I always walk out with a smile as well as whatever I couldn't resist, which has got to be good, my list of favourites includes, massage bars, henna dye, solid perfume, lip balms and a shampoo that is made of stout and lemons these have all found there way into my heart and my bathroom.

 So here are some of my favourite moments/products from the opening, embarrassingly I practically squealed with delight when I stumbled across this pile of crumbly brightly coloured lush play dough, aptly named Fun in their window, it smelt goood, I was already addicted to the regular stuff, but this was beyond regular! When your done playing you can crumble it in the bath. I loved the purple heart COOKIE cutters too.

Other curiosities included a bike seemingly powered by fresh juice, a colour wheel which when it's spun determines the three colours that your attracted to most and why; the colours represent a new range of beautiful highly pigmented eye shadows some of which I tried out, they can be used to line your eyes or as eye shadows, the metallic colours were my favourite, there were some beautiful greens and bronze tones.

 Favourite packaging moment? The bright fabric bumble bees and the giant gold and bubble gum pink moon which reminds me of a paper mache sun and moon mask bought on a trip to Venice.The lovely staff at Lush wafted granny smith apple scented bath bombs my way as I sniffed my way round their store (So White) and it was only when I enquired as to why the So White wasn't actually green that I realised lush had done their job a) because it smelt exactly like a Granny Smith apples therefore my mind was thinking this must be green not white in colour, but b) because when the staff told me when it was cracked open in the bath it revealed a heart of pink, my jaw dropped wide open like a three year old and I made a oooh noise.

The cone shaped pink and blue bath bombs (Party Popper) were another favourite, smelling like champagne but in my opinion much better! There were also some cool bath bomb wands that could be dipped in and out of the water giving you more baths for your bomb so to speak. Are you a lush fan, what can't you live without?I'm off to read my copy of the Lush Times!  

Matt spins the wheel of make-up fortune 

 testing out the eyeshadow colours red, green, pink and gold 



Unknown said...

Oooh my Mum told me Lush was coming to Lancaster, I'm so excited! Must pop in when I'm next home x

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