26 Oct 2012

Help Save Our #Bees Ban Pesticides

Honeycomb sponge Hokey Pokey- Lone Baker

We all love honey, honeycomb and the sound of bees lazily buzzing in our garden as they do their work during the summer months, only as you might already be aware we have not experienced as much buzzing or honey as we are generally used to, as a very wet UK summer and a unhealthy amounts of UK pesticides saw whole colonies of our bees wiped out this 2012 and beekeepers forced to drip feed starving bees sugar to keep them alive. The knock on effect on our food chain and our beautiful wildlife is already being felt, if you care about the beautiful country in which we live and our little friends the bees please read more here about the effects and or sign this petition to force our government to invest more in this crucial area of wildlife. If you want to help even more great! Share this post in a link with your readers or write your own,help spread the petition and save our bees!Were you aware of this issue what are your thoughts?  



Unknown said...

Mmm that cake looks amazing! My boyfriend's dad is a beekeeper so hopefully together we can get the british bee population back to what it should be.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Harriet! Thanks for commenting and sharing your bee-autiful bee story, it's so encouraging.xx

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