17 Oct 2012

#Black Beauty | #Favourite Accessories

black elements - mood board featuring Red or Dead purse, Kirk Geiger heels, leather bow, and star buttons
Black is a really difficult colour to wear head to toe as it can make you look washed out, the trick is to mix up black textures like my mood board here and use accessories to add edge and to punctuate your look.These are my three favourite black accessories at the moment, a Red or Dead black and gold large purse which has an image of Blackpool beach on the front and says for Leisure and Pleasure, this giant black leather studded hair bow which I wear as an oversized bow tie with a vest top and blazer and these Kirk Geiger black patent lace ups with cone heels. The Purse gets a lot of attention when I'm out and about as it has an unusual interior demonstated here
which everyone loves.The main reason I like this purse it is it's perfect for storing jewellery I want to keep close to hand safely alongside my money and ready to whip out when the occassion calls for a little extra sparkle. Right now the larger interior purse is home to this stunning red and crystal Jon Richard bracelet, although the crystals are round the clever way they have been set creates a diamond pattern that is so chic and almost Art Deco in appearance, these Aurora Borealis Crystal Star Earring are tucked away in the other interior purse, and actually manage to stand out against my mass of dark wavy hair when I wear it down *both were kindly gifted to me by Jon Richard.
black elements -mood board, Red or Dead purse, Jon Richards red crystal braclet and  Aurora Borealis Crystal Star Earring


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