1 Oct 2012

#Skirts V #Dresses This A/W2012


Psst have you heard the scary news on every fashionistas lips at the moment, that set my heart racing a couple of weeks back, OK well I better tell you, the dress is being replaced by the skirt,not sure how you feel about this rather radical move towards separates? Me neither.You see I have a body that was made for dresses, the unbroken print and cut of a dress generally help me look taller, curvier and slightly slimmer,see my current wish list above!

Skirts can make me look a little cube like, unless of course I team them with extremely high heels (which I may or may not topple over in) and a shirt in exactly the same tonal shade or print as my skirt in which case I'm thinking I may as well just wear a dress?! I am still experimenting and quite liked the polka dot skirt I created from a Muji dress recently.I found a good middle ground over on Wayward Daughter fashion blog  for holidays and summer weather,she created a sweet summer separates look, by cleverly adapting her summer dress.Oh and she makes the most beautiful vintage inspired dresses in case your in need! Will you be welcoming the bold new move towards wearing separates, any favourite style tips on rocking a skirt this Autumn 2012?       

Wayward Daughter


Matthew Spade said...

the first one is a corker

My Passport to Style said...

It's my favourite of the three!

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