24 Oct 2012

Shoes Of Prey | Sweep Me Of My Feet!

My finished shoe design!

I was in need of a little pick me up recently, what could be better than a pair of glamorous shoes to do the job, sadly scrolling through row after row of designer shoes left me feeling a little worse for wear. I'm not great with really high heels, I tend to walk like I'm wearing stilts I blame my very flat feet, something I have shared here before and all the lower heeled options just don't seem to have the same glam factor. So unless I was to relent and use my newly purchased high heels purely as shoe art in my home and enjoy them from afar or only ever use them for my outfit blog posts on My Passport To Style, it was time to come up with another viable solution.So I was pretty thrilled when I happened upon Australian on line company Shoes of Prey a shoe mecca that embraces all types of shoe wearer from frustrated shoe designers to 5 inch heel phobics like me.

Embellishment Heaven!

I was blown away with the staggering array of designs, colours and finishes available to help me reach my shoe nirvana. Initially I was drawn to a high wedge shoe boot option, that meant I could embellish my shoe boot with a contrasting coloured band along the length of the wedge, however this was not option once you moved below 5 inches in wedge height.So after deciding against a low wedge I switched to a low stiletto heel instead and started having fun with with the colour palette choices for my shoe boot uppers and inside linings, by the time I got to the other options; finishes like the zipper, toe, heel and over lays, I was grinning madly like a Cheshire cat!

Gift Wrapping My Shoes

I decided to go to town, after all this was no time to play demure, but I still wanted my shoe design to have an edgy romantic feel and with the option of lace overlays or heels wrapped in white with black text or a floral print, I can honestly say my every design fantasy was fulfilled.

Worth Raiding My Shoe Fund For

My finished design incorporated a low shoe boot in faded red soft leather, with a black lace overlay,a pale blue side zip, light green linings and soles and a very pretty floral heel.Total cost £210 with free shipping to the UK, it's still a considerable cost for a pair of shoes, but speaking as a frustrated high heel lover and phobic in my opinion the freedom and fun factor of the design process plus the resulting satisfaction make it worth raiding your shoe fund for.Time to get saving!       



fashionismyh2o said...

Wow what an incredible idea for a website! Love your final design too!


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Sarah, thank-you :) x

Josie said...

This is so fun! I love the wedges.
xo Josie

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