9 Aug 2011

My Passport to Style | Just Another Blogging Competition??

Hi lovely that you popped over to see me, it's because of you readers and followers of my blog that I'm writing this post today. I recently found out about Look magazine's blogger competition, I'm sure you have come across a blogger competition of some sort by now on the blogosphere, it's no secret that the world of fashion journalism is evolving and recognising the value of fashion bloggers.

The Lovely Jedward

Style Over Substance?
There is a lot of focus on bloggers and journalists who write about fashion to look cool and edgy, but whilst I find great style and fashion and the creativity of styling up a new look thrilling and love researching new fashion designers and their labels. It's really nice when you come across a competition run by a magazine or brand such as Look magazine that recognises that the way a blogger writes and reports on fashion is equally important also.

Maybe I'm slightly biased about the need to write good fashion content as I get really excited about the planning and writing of a post that will put a fresh spin on the latest fashion story. Writing about the latest fashion trends in a fresh and immediate way and making them come alive by selecting the right images to accompany the piece is always a thrill for me as is reviewing a new fashion label or line.

Bring On The Competition!!
Winning this competition would offer me a great opportunity to use my hard earned skills in creative writing and as a stylist to report on clothing labels on behalf of Look magazine at their LFW catwalk. But more importantly, and I know you should never start a sentence with but, BUT, I have recently discovered something new about myself - I need competition because it keeps me motivated and helps me push my writing skills and come up with new exciting informative fashion posts that hopefully you all enjoy and even find useful.

The BOUNCE Factor
So my take is I won't just be entering the blogging competitions with the biggest and most exciting prizes and then sulk for days because I didn't get selected. I will hone the art of bouncing gracefully back and move onto the next opportunity out there for us fashion bloggers. The life blood of a great fashion blog is interesting original content, let's face it after seeing thirty pretty floral dresses we fashion bloggers need something to make us sit up and take notice. More importantly above everything else a blog needs a strong focus and that's where entering blogging competitions comes in, they encourage you to evaluate your skills set regularly, check that your happy with how your projecting your blog and up your game. If you're the one sitting on the fence when a blogger competition comes up, I hope I have convinced you not to!

Look magazine blogger competition ends August 15th 2011 if you want to check it out.

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Sophie said...

Good luck, I've entered too so fingers crossed aye ;)


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

sounds like a cool competition- good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jaime I need it, fingers and toes crossed!

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